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August 15, 2020 0 Comments

The music we’ve been promoting is pretty much all of those things, but it has its own unique sound. There’s a certain gangster vibe that comes along with it that makes it stand out, and when you think of what is considered traditional rap, it doesn’t really come to mind. It seems kind of generic. The stuff we’ve been doing doesn’t have a gangster vibe to it, so I think that kind of music stands out.

When you go to a concert, the vibe is similar to what you saw onstage, but you’ve got a different perspective, which makes the experience better. What is it about going to a show that makes you feel in-depth?

In the end, you have to go to every single one of these shows. The shows are more important, but that’s not always true of concerts, so I don’t know.

Where are you performing? Any specific venues mentioned?

I’m doing the festival circuit, where I’m not able to get into each individual show, but I’m going to play a bunch of them all at once. I’m doing it for free, so that way I can get a sense of each performance. I’ll play a show with one song on my album. In the end, I think that is why I’m getting to play them all together.

Do you play as well as people think, or do you have a different sense of musicianship that puts you on the map?

There has been some talk about that. As soon as I started releasing my material, there were definitely more people doing my show, especially when they have seen a lot of my music. There is another side, where I’m just an entertainer, and not a band. I’m not saying that my music does not have a message. I’m not a guy who does songs that aren’t true to what I believe in. All I’m saying is that people are not trying to read my lyrics. If they read one of the verses, they’re going to know. As a performer, I’m putting on my show and going in an atmosphere where there will be people who are looking for a reaction that they’re just not getting.

Is there a type of energy you guys attract other artists who are interested in doing your music with you?

I know, there’s always someone who will say, “Are you guys in the same club?” As much as I want that to be true, I don’t really

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