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Korean rap is not as popular as it used to be. It’s considered a novelty because it’s mostly made for hip hop stars and music video stars. It wasn’t popular until the 90’s and then it took off.

What’s the difference between Korean American and Korean Korean?

There are no major ethnic groups in South Korea. There are very few Korean American people or Koreans that have roots in Japan. There are also people that live in North and South Korea, and are of Korean descent and there are people that live in New York State. If you live in one state it’s not true Koreans are from Korea. They are more of a mix of Asian and North and South Korean.

Why is Korean hip hop so different from what the Korean pop scene is?

Korean hip hop music is a very different kind of music. You’ll see more samples and rapping that doesn’t feel like rap, and you won’t hear a lot of Korean voices. The difference is that Korean hip hop is much better than anything American hip hop music used to be.

How do Korean hip hop stars change the way we look at other genres?

It gives other genres an identity that they can’t have within their borders. Before, they couldn’t really compete with a rapper from South Korea to the United States. Now a rapper from South Korea can even compete with a Japanese one, in terms of cultural capital that a Korean hip hop star has. In terms of cultural capital you get to a point where you’re not really competing. They’ve proven how much money is made and how much respect is given. It doesn’t just give a certain music scene a brand and make it a celebrity; it gives it a cultural capital.

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