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MC (as in rapper) is short for Multi-Channel Compression. Multicompression is a popular compression technique for recording and producing the sound of multiple channels simultaneously in different miking locations. Multicompression is especially popular in the studio because it saves time and money when you are recording a variety of instruments simultaneously.

The main benefit in using multichannel compression is the reduction of sound distortion. This is important, because it affects how much you believe the recorded sound is. How loud you believe a sound is, is affected more by the amount of distortion than the frequency or dynamic range of the sound. If the recorded sound is too loud, it’s too loud, and if too quiet, it’s too quiet; the opposite is also true.

In this tutorial, you may begin with a simple sample of a drum kit that is not very complex. You may want to add a cymbal and kick on some of the instruments, or add some bass, to add some depth. You may want to record another mix of a song, using some drums from the drum kit and some other sounds. You may want to take another mix and make it easier to sing a song to the beat; for example, mix the drums with some acoustic guitar and some vocals for the chorus. Finally, you may record one song on the drums, other songs on keyboards and guitars and maybe a lead arrangement on the other tracks.

You will probably need several mixing platforms to record and compress the sound for this tutorial, because each is different, and the sound can be really muddy. For example, if you are using a compressor like SONAR, the most important thing is getting the maximum sound-staging with no distortion. You may want to play around with several compressors (like the CQR1-1) in the studio.

We will assume that the drum kit is already recorded with different drum mic positions and locations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to record drums so that they have the best sound-staging.

Before We Begin

Let’s assume you have a small recording studio, a desk mic, and a drum mic. With all the basics covered, let’s get started.

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