What is the average salary of a rapper? – Learn Rap Songs

October 10, 2020 0 Comments

Rapper salaries are often a bit higher than that of a professional footballer. In a few rare cases, it is possible to make a living as a hiphop artist if you choose the right career path.

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A man who appeared on a controversial reality TV programme in the Philippines last month has been shot dead after an “accidental shooting”.

Nestor Sito Soso, 44 – a “famous rock star” and the host of the “Nestor Show” – has been found dead in a rural town in the southern state of Puerto Princesa.

Investigators believe it was an accidental death as they say his gun was loaded when it went off in self defence.

It is thought the shooter fired at another man – another ‘wacky’ celebrity in the Philippines – who had confronted Mr Soso.

Sadet Khalil - YouTube
The bullet may have lodged in his head, as it was reportedly lodged in a wall.

The news comes as police investigating the death of another celebrity in the same Philippines appear to have turned their attention to a local TV show in the wake of the tragic death.

(Image: Cenovia)

(Image: Cenovia)

The head of the investigation agency on Friday said a private TV station wanted to take over the investigation into death of superstar musician Sonny Bono.

The police chief in Pahang ordered all investigators in the case be stripped of their powers until the owner of the show leaves town so that his show can be taken over.

“The decision was made because the owner has a strong personal and political bias against the investigative agency,” Pahang police chief Supt. Arnel Pimentel told reporters.



Pahang police say the station would be allowed to start a TV programme “with the same name and storyline” as the Sito Show.

“If this decision causes confusion among the investigators, we will have to be extra vigilant,” he added.

Former “Nestor Show” host Raul Delos Santos said the shooting could be linked to political tensions between members of the same family who own the station which

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