What was the first rap song? – Do Rappers Read Books

November 12, 2020 0 Comments

You can go to the library and search on that. Who did it? There’s nothing, but maybe there’s a lyric in there now. Where did he be born? What’s the name of his dad? He didn’t show that in court, but that is where he said he came from.

That’s all I got. It’s like they gave us so much material for that trial, and then gave us a few hours, two hours, three hours of this? No, we were not given such resources. We were not given enough time to do a proper case because in the meantime, so much material has been put on the table. You’d’ve thought the DA were going to hire a forensics team.

They had a bunch of stuff, but to answer this question, this is kind of on my to-do list now because I already covered an awful lot of stuff in the story, but I’m not done yet, so why don’t I try to get the final answer of who the first rapper was?

My next question was going to be, How did you ever come up with that name Snoop Dogg? I know you didn’t really write it, but can you tell me what happened?

No. I don’t even have a pen name, so you can’t have me use that name, sir. I mean, I can be Snoop, but that’s Snoop Dogg, and I can’t be Snoop Dogg that’s all I got right now.

The guy you’re talking about is the artist who put it on, or at least, whose name was on it, and then went on and tried to make it hip-hop. What he was trying to do — and I’ll say it again, this is based on personal knowledge — he was trying to change the culture of the hip-hop world. He called himself something he had no name for a gangster — and tried to make himself cool. I don’t know if you had this information?

You just have to ask Snoop, he’s not going to lie to you.

This is a personal question, and I don’t know if you know who he was, but I’m going to call him the first dude who really changed the culture of the hip-hop world — his name was on that record.

I saw you in a rap video for “Big Ballerina” and you looked like a lot — like, a lot

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