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“Rapper’s Delight?” Why? Do you think it was “Rapper? Rap?” Because that’s what it was. “Rap” was a genre that was developed by men: it was designed for men to rap about anything. And, as a songwriter, it was difficult for men, because it was harder for men to rap about anything, because so much of the time you had to put your arm through your mouth.

In ’70 when my brothers and I were at the Academy of Music, we came across a song by Michael Jackson called “All That Jazz” and we thought it was a hit because it was hard and it was about a boy. We liked the boy part. But what we noticed is it sounded like a male rap song and we loved it. So, I wrote a lot of male songs. I started with that, but it was a difficult process to get it. It wasn’t that we wanted to make a male rap song. It was that we wanted to make, what? A female rap song.

It all came together in the early part of ’79 when I was on some album called “The Black Bottom.” That was the first one that had rap on it, and I heard it, and I thought they was great. When they got to “The Love Song,” we thought, Oh my God, that is going to sound so good, and then we decided to start writing female rap songs.

I was doing the same thing with “The Love Song,” which was the first time someone wrote a rap on that record. I had a girl on it called Tina Turner, but she had the title on one song, “Makes Me Wonder.” She’s very talented, but she was the girl we knew, like my mother was on “Beat It.” Like “The Black Bottom” had my brothers as well, so we were always thinking about putting a female rap on that record. This is what is happening, and I really feel good that it’s turning into what it is and being the best that it can be.
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The last record that was really special for me was “My Girl,” and it was a record that was inspired by a relationship. I was talking to Tina about what I was going through at the time, and she had written what I call, when the record comes out, “My Man.” You have to take her side, and my man, a friend of mine, was the one putting it together — who was going

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