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Find out what other words rhyme with hamburger.

The exact word you’re looking for is hamburger.

It is not a noun, verb, or adjective. You can search by entering a letter or enter text:

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In response to a recent attack by a crazed white supremacist, some social media users have started the hashtag #StopTheHitler hashtag (shown below.)

The original tweet was tweeted on October 3rd by @Rachael_DeWitt (“White Lives Matter”, also known as JustAWhiteGirl: “So that’s a little #StopTheHitler message for ya.”) along with a photo of Hitler’s mustache and caption in German: “It’s time to stop the #Hitler”

The tweet quickly gathered thousands of retweets and liked-to-dislike counts from people who were offended by the Nazi dictator’s hair, mustache and attire, according to the social media analytics site SimilarWeb .

The hashtag has since grown in popularity along with a petition drive. The petition reads, in part:

“Why is it that in the aftermath of [attacking victims] of mass shootings and other mass atrocities we often hear that such events took place in ‘the West’ or ‘America’ or ‘Europe’ instead of focusing on Germany during and after World War Two? Why are so many Americans seemingly more aware of these events than people of other nations are? If it is really ‘America’ we must ask why there has been much debate about our German ally, Chancellor Angela Merkel, instead of our Allies.”

Others have argued that the tweet was a political statement regarding the ongoing refugee crisis while others say it might be a humorous jab at those that believe Adolf Hitler is still alive. Others say they believe the hashtag might actually be a joke because of its context, as the hashtags #SiegHeil and #Wannsee have become trending terms in Germany with some people questioning the validity of the tweet and how it is actually connected to Hitler and the Nazi era.”

“The Nazis were a terrorist organization of the past. We need our leaders to remember that history.”

#StopTheHitler and #SiegHeil are hashtags that began trending in Germany recently, as the current political situation with the current #Nazi sympathizers is becoming a lot

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