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The question was first raised by a blogger who says she’s obsessed with a certain breed of cat named Pippa. While the Internet is filled with photos of fluffy, affectionate pugs, Pippa has a long history of being referred to by her breed’s most extreme reputation.

It appears that the answer is “pornographically.”

Puppy porn has become an increasingly popular online fetish since 2005, according to a 2006 Consumer Reports report. Some users claim the images — which come in varying resolutions but generally look similar enough — are erotic and erotic only to those whose minds are so altered they can imagine cats having sex with humans.

For those who can’t get past that, however, the images are the focus of a debate: Is it OK to be disturbed by a pet’s own porn? Is it porn? Is it disgusting? Or is it funny — even though the images are the equivalent of, well, dog porn?

The answer? No, it’s not okay to be disturbed by dog porn.

“It’s a silly question,” said Susan V. Fennell, founder of PetPorn.com. “It’s kind of a silly question. It’s like, is it weird for you to watch a dog piss on his own pee. Is it disgusting? That’s a question you’d have to ask in a different context.”

Fennell said the Internet, along with the rise of e-mail and instant messaging, have made it easier for people to watch what they want without being disturbed.

That, she said, includes watching images of dogs having sex with dogs.

“You can watch cat porn over and over again,” she said. “But if you take that and then play it with the context of a dog, you’re just going to get a whole other culture of dog porn, just because that’s the context where they’re viewing it.”

The Internet has allowed people to view more images of cats having sex without feeling the same kind of creepiness. (Bettmann / Getty Images)

Still, when dog porn does surface on the Net, it can seem just as strange as the cat shit.

“I know it’s a very strange situation. But it’s the same thing as cat pornography,” said Fennell of her site. “If you watch a dog have sex with a cat, you’re watching a little bit of their life, and you’re seeing their behavior

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