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It was always there, but what is its origin? Can the culture be traced back to the roots of the black people? What is this black hip-hop thing about?

In 2014, the San Diego State University Alumni Association (ASUAA) honored Professor of American Literature and Spanish Literature, Professor Ernesto Guevara-González, for his contributions to Chicano literary studies over the past 40 years.

One of the most significant and important scholarly initiatives undertaken by Guevara-González and his team of faculty and students during the course of his tenure was the development of a rigorous corpus of Chicano literary and social texts. The research team of approximately 25 people, including students, faculty, researchers, librarians, and others, in addition to hundreds of individuals, contributed over 250 academic articles to the online edition of the textbook Chicano Literature: Theory, Culture and Practice. They also developed the online portal of the International Association for Literature and Communication (LAC).
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Since its first publication almost five years ago, the Chicano Literature text is continually updated with new materials relating to the contemporary situation. The original textbook is accompanied by numerous publications, publications, textbooks, and other materials, and includes a range of courses intended for all students of literature and communication. The current textbook is available for free online online at Guevara-González International’s website, www.guevara-gonzález.net and in Hardcover.

Since its initial release in 1996, Prof. Guevara-González’s research on Chicano Literature and the current project has received a tremendous number of awards and honors. He won the National Medal of Arts in 1999, the Alfred P. Sloan Research Prize in Literature in 2000, the National Book Critics Circle award in 2004, the National Catholic Center for the Humanities Award in 2005, the Society of Hispanic American Publishers’ (SHAP) Outstanding Teaching Award in Latin America in 2005, and the National Library of El Salvador’s National Book Award for Literacy in 2006. He was awarded the University of San Diego’s National Medal of Science for Science and Technology in 2008. He has received awards for his teaching and work ranging from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to the National Science Foundation, and the prestigious World Literature Festival in 2008, the Mexican Culture Foundation, and the University of California at Irvine.

Professor Guevara-González has served as a

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