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On Friday, in the final year of the Bush administration, the administration and George W. Bush decided to try to block disclosure of a CIA program in which the CIA trained detainees in torture, the program was eventually shut down after a lawsuit, and at least eight people died.

On Saturday, there are signs that the Bush administration may have changed its tune, at least for those in the Bush administration.

The Bush administration is not going to try to close down the CIA’s torture program, senior administration officials told The Intercept this weekend. The White House press secretary, Ari Fleischer, confirmed that the Bush administration would never try to shut down the interrogation program under Democratic President Obama’s leadership. “It’s not true.”

“It’s not true.”

According to this weekend’s statement “It is not true” refers to a March 2006 letter that former President Bush sent to then-CIA Director George Tenet telling him that his administration would not support efforts to shut down the Bush Administration’s torture program.

According to a White House official who spoke to The Intercept on condition of anonymity, White House lawyer Alberto Gonzales had been briefed by Tenet and the White House counsel at the time that the CIA program, secret so that no one knew about it, would be shut down. At the time, Gonzales was Bush’s attorney general, and the letter that Tenet and Bush gave Bush was to him, not to the White House counsel. Gonzales told Bush, “No, you cannot shut down the program.” They talked it out, Gonzales said, and decided that it was not a good idea. Bush then turned his attention to the Iraq war.

“The Obama administration has come to the conclusion that there’s only one way to get a prisoner out safely, and that it is to continue torturing those detainees,” said the Obama official. “The White House has been very explicit, both with the White House counsel and with the president himself — these programs are simply wrong, and we never support them because they are wrong.”

The White House position is also consistent with the arguments made in the Senate’s 2009 report on torture. The report found that “Detainees who are physically held in isolation” suffered from “excessive stress reactions, such as increased heart rate, trembling, sweating, and shortness of breath,” and “subjected to more confinement than those subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.”

During Thursday’s confirmation hearing for John McCain

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