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August 24, 2020 0 Comments

Why does he say it?

“What I started doing was being a producer, then I became a rapper in college, then when I got out of college I took it as a career, then that was pretty much it,” he says. “So when I said, ‘I want to get to the next level’ [in hip-hop], I had a very specific idea of what that was. But when the Internet became big, it just blew up, and it didn’t take us long to be on top of the game as an artist. We did it the hard way: We had to be the best at everything we did. There isn’t a point in being a producer and making a beat that you don’t put in to the rest of the world. It’s not about having one million fans and all these crazy blogs or whatever it’s called.”

He adds, “I can’t explain how we’re doing it, because it’s all a mystery to me. It’s just something that’s within our control. If we do [produce], if we get someone to work with us, we’ll work with them. It’s still weird, because it’s all out of our control. We don’t get to make calls and know what is going to happen. It’s always about the music and us.”

As of this week, he has an album out called Nuthin’ Else and his show is on K.I.T.: The Kill, which is on BET. What’s next and which rapper do you most admire?

“Kendrick Lamar, Drake, the guys over at Meek Mill. I admire that shit, as far as the flow. He has this incredible flow and I am definitely behind that.”

Do you like the way people are calling you K.K.D.?

“I’m doing it because I love it and I think it’s pretty good. I’m just calling it because I think people want that kind of music and it’s kind of like a name to have something to brag about. A lot of people go, ‘Yeah man, I like your music!’ The fans definitely like to call us K.K.D., and they get a kick out of it.”

Do you play any type of instrument?

“I had some background in piano‚Ķ I started working with a producer a little bit, and then I had an instrument in high school, so I didn’t have that kind of background

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