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What are the origins of hip-hop music?

Hip-hop was a culture that grew from the sound of African music. A culture born out of the struggle against slavery. In the 1960s, African-Americans began using music to make their own language. Many hip-hop artists were black American college students who were inspired by artists such as Tupac Shakur who rapped under the alias D.A.P.C..

What does “rap” mean? What is the evolution of the genre?

Hip-hop came across two main styles: the New Orleans style and the West Coast style. Hip-hop songs would start out with very basic rhymes, then they would grow into more complex rhymes, and then they’d become more complicated with the addition of instruments…all the way from drum beats to bass loops.

The West Coast style evolved in the 1970s and it is much more refined and powerful. It is the one that I used in my songs and in which I am most closely aligned with. It sounds very different from the old New Orleans style.

What makes a rap song famous?

A rap song is known because of the way the artists use their language. If the artist does not use a certain word or phrase in a specific way (e.g. they did not rap to that word of the moment), then they are labeled as a lyricist and will receive much more attention. For example, J.Lo wrote a song called “Lion,” but she did not use the word “ass” in it. She used something different: “I need a drink and my friend needs a drink.” So the song is known for that.

What is the difference between rapper, MC, and actor?

Rappers are people who rap in public and people who have a public persona, i.e. a personality. The rappers in the rap scene have a different level of fame because they are not a single entity, but are like groups in the hip-hop world.
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The MCs who dominate the rap scene are not known in public either. They usually have a large and varied following who do not understand all the lyrics. If you had a million people who thought Jay Z was a rapper, how many would know him by that name?

When you think of “hip-hop,” where do you hear rappers?

There is never a “hip-hop” radio station, only radio stations that play

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