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September 7, 2020 0 Comments

I am not sure if you’ve heard this, but Jeezy dropped the song “Rapper’s Delight”.

He is the fastest rapper in the country, in a 1 second beat.

He has not got much respect even in America.

So if you think that, just go and listen to his music. You won’t be disappointed, you will hear an insane talent you’ve never heard before.

A new song from Jeezy “Rapper’s Delight”.

This is a new song, one of the many things that make his brand new album unique. On the album “Rapper’s Delight”, we get a new version of the song “Narcissistic Personality”.

And I am going to describe it to you.

The sound of this song is not at all the same as the original.

But it is not a coincidence to this, a good example is just about all the other new songs on this album, many producers try to create a melody around to the original, but in most cases, it fails to do that.

This is why a good new song is needed.

So, this new song features a new take on the track “Narcissistic Personality”.

It is better, for sure. But if you listen closely, there are a lot of things that go wrong.

First of all, on most tracks on this new album, we almost always have “New and innovative ideas”, as you can imagine, but this new track, “Narcissistic Personality”, is very different.

The original track on the album “Narcissistic Personality” also has a very nice beat, but in many things, this new take on “Narcissistic Personality” is “tremendous”.

On this new track we have a new take on the song “Narcissistic Personality”, a more “aggressive” take..

And a new take on the song “Narcissistic personality”..

When I listen to these two songs and I listen to all the tracks that are featured on this album, I know that we are not on the same level, because we are not going to be able to create the same thing, so what makes them special?

The beats will not be there, the ideas will not be there. And we have to put more effort, time and effort to make something different, something original, something

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