Who is the best Korean rapper? – Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Intro Templates

September 28, 2020 0 Comments

It’s a tough question to answer, as we are dealing with a variety of music genres in the country. One of my personal favorites is the Bum Bo-ra-je music with a strong Korean touch. Other popular Korean soundtracks would be the K-Pop or the Korean Rock music. So here are the best Korean rap & R&B songs in 2016 – Top 100 Bum Bo-Raps!
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1. “Best Rap Songs of 2016”

Here is the top 100 Bum Bo-ra-je rap songs for 2016! Do you have a favorite?

2. “Bum Bo-ra-Je”

I’m not surprised by your name? It’s a hip hop track, so you know what to expect from the song.

3. “Dedication Song – (I Love) My House”

I love your music for a very reason, so I’m very happy you chose to sing this song for me.

4. “Yong-hye Jung’s Song”

Yong-hye Jung is the girl who plays the love interest in the hit show “Reply 1988”. I loved this song just from its title.

5. “Kim Jung-soo’s Love Song”

So it’s Kim Jung-soo’s song. But I’m a guy, so I will be able to appreciate it without caring.

6. “I Wish I Was Your Girl”

It’s like “Don’t Call Me Back” by the Beatles but I bet they could actually put their own vocals on it!

7. “딘위들의 여는”

I’m not sure what exactly this song is about, but it’s a catchy song all the same!

8. “My Baby Don’t Care”

This is a beautiful song with a sweet, lovely tone!

9. “문시가 여는 살이 마쉬처 미었기”

Do you like cute girls? Of course you do, so this is for you! But it’s a different kind of cute girls.

10. “은/잠다 (In Love)”

This is so cute, but I’m always confused who sings this

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