Who is the hardest rapper? – How To Rhyme Syllables

August 25, 2020 0 Comments

The rapper whose name gets shouted most from the stage is YG.

Who is the hardest writer?

The hardest writer is Lil Wayne, but this can be debated because he got his own stage. Eminem is definitely an expert on the topic, but he still puts his own spin on it. The hardest writer is T.I. — even if he can’t get away with giving a guest verse.

Who is the worst rapper of all time?

This one is a bit ridiculous because, again, there has been controversy over who truly made the greatest rap group of all-time. There have been rap groups that were better, worse, or anything in between. In order, most of them are: LL Cool J, KRS One, Jay Z, Big L, and Eazy E.

Who was the biggest loser in the rap game?

The biggest loser would have to be Common, who was really bad. So how much has he earned in royalties to prove he was the biggest loser? He only had a five-album deal at the time, so he had to sign a contract with Warner Bros. A lot of rappers make a lot off of the deal, so there is no way he made nothing off of it. He never sold even ten million albums.

Who is the best rapper ever?

Most people would have to agree that Diddy is the best rapper ever. Eminem didn’t think he was an MC, so why was he getting all the money? But in his interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem did reveal that he and Eminem were friends. He also mentioned that Eminem wanted to be the best rapper ever. Eminem said:

In that interview, I said that if I had to be my own boss and if I was going to do it all, I’m gonna do it, and that was going to be me being the best. And that’s what he’s done.

Who’s the best rapper in the world?

I think Eminem is the best. I know why he doesn’t get an induction into the rap hall of fame, because he hasn’t been nominated for one. He’s on the same level as Common, and if he wasn’t on the same level as Common, he’d be one of the best rappers of the world.

Who was the best in hip-hop, ever?

Nobody comes close. In fact, many of the rappers in the history of hip-hop were not in

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