Can bad singers become good? – Can You Teach Yourself To Sing If You Can’t

August 12, 2020 0 Comments

What are the key characteristics? Who are those good singers? Who have been influential in their lives, both as adults and in their music? I asked them to share their thoughts with me.

It’s not easy to write or sing, let alone sing well. I’m not going to get too philosophical or technical about it; I’m just writing a post on what the real definition of the term “good singer” even means, why it’s still so vague, why people keep asking for good singers but don’t always get them and how to become one yourself.

You might not even know where to start. There are so many different types of singers and they come in many forms…some good, some not, some successful and some not. And some don’t make it because they don’t meet the requirements that everyone wants. That’s where the word “reputation” comes in. You will need a certain amount of reputation before you have a chance to get noticed and signed, and that only happens through a certain level of musical achievement. So, to define a good performer, one must know:

1. What kind of music they like to listen to? What genre?

2. How do they interact with the audience? Do they speak or sing through a microphone. Do they play instruments and sing in the background?

3. How do they deliver their own song? Do they sing the whole thing, or just play a few notes? Do they do their own vocals? Do they use a voice-synth? Or do you get another singer to do the voice-synth for you?

4. How does their voice and voice quality affect the emotions of their audience?

5. How does their vocal technique affect the emotion of their audience? Do they sing softly? How loud? Loudly? How do you put on different tones, for example, with a soprano voice or with a samba voice.

6. How do they react to their audience, and what should they do?

7. What is the role of social media? Where does it come in? What kind of reaction does a good singer get when she tweets her or his thoughts?

8. How do they make money out of their singing?

9. How does social media affect their career? Is it necessary or beneficial? In their case, do they write or edit their own music? If not, can they hire someone who can make a song to

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