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In an open letter published on the website of The Lancet on March 7, 2014 by leading doctors for the World Health Organization, Professor David Heymann and Dr. Jeffrey M. Smith, and with reference to “the latest epidemiological studies” on “hot-house phenomenon” and “high-risk areas” (read “hot-house phenomenon” and “high-risk areas”)

We, the Committee to Protect Patients and Offendors from Harm, the Committee to Defend Public Health, the committee to review this petition for publication on this website, call for an immediate comprehensive inquiry in all cases and in accordance with international best practice into: 1) the validity of the epidemiological or other risk-level studies that have been cited by the UK Government and that have been used to justify this blanket ban on the use of e-cigarettes.

2) the evidence for the negative consequences of smoking as well as the negative consequences of the widespread promotion of products marketed in the UK that have been linked to e-cigarette use and the harm that this causes to public health.

3) to allow the use of these products within the public health framework that is based on the scientific evidence – the evidence for the long-term effects to be seen in the real world, and the evidence that e-cigarettes have been associated with a small number of reported deaths and no further deaths have ever been reported.

We call on the authorities in government to do this urgently. As we have pointed out on this site, the fact that e-cigarettes have been shown to be useful in some smokers’ quit attempts, but that there are clear risks associated with their use, and that there are serious concerns about the safety of their ingredients, means that the public health approach should be based on the evidence that we’ve presented here. We call on the authorities to do this urgently.

As we explained in our reply letter to the Government published on March 17, 2014, the evidence is clear that:

(i) The widespread promotion of the use of e-cigarettes has led to a significant decline in smoking among young people, but this trend has in turn been linked to more people having switched to smokeless tobacco; and

(ii) The dangers of e-cigarette use far outweigh the risks of tobacco smoking, particularly to the lungs. It is therefore essential that we do not allow any future tobacco prohibition to deprive young people around the world of a valuable tool to help them quit or reduce the number of cigarettes they have

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