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How does that work?

As a performer, you will first need to learn how to speak, how to sing, what instruments will suit your style (inventor’s choirs, jazz or folk vocals, etc.), and how long time it will take, how long until your voice will become normal, how much to practice, etc (and it would be a good idea to get your teacher’s permission). If you want to stay active and make a career out of it, the longer it takes, the faster you can get there.

Once you get over those initial hurdles, then it’s a matter of finding a coach. You can search here for coaching or check the National Governing Council for Professional Educator Certification (NGCPEC)

There are several ways to get involved. Some are relatively self-directed; others are pretty much based on a coach’s recommendations.
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There’s a lot of information on this topic on the internet and in self-help articles, so check those sources out if you want to see more. There’s also a book by Peter S. Guralnicki on this very topic.

I’ve never been to a retreat, but I am aware that there are many different self-development techniques, both on and off of the screen. For me it involved talking to and getting to know a lot of individuals with different types of disabilities, and a desire to help them. I think any self-development strategy will probably involve getting to know someone, talking to them a lot so that they feel like you can talk to them for a bit, getting them excited about you and your skills and your vision, etc and going from there. It’s an exercise in curiosity, not necessarily understanding.

The best part is that once you know someone, it’s very easy to get them to come to your retreat and see you, to go and see if you can inspire that person, and of course to help your team, both on retreat and after retreat.

Another way to do this is to take a group of people (including yourself), and ask you to create a workshop. You might want to use something like “Focal Voice Technique.” You ask people (including yourself), and then as part of the workshop you create a group of people, and you teach them how to talk and how to sing to get them excited about each other and their shared vision. Some things can be improvised by others and some things may work well for everyone

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