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When I left to study music, I thought that would be impossible.

My first year at school was the first time in my life I learned to sing.

I learned how to be a singer; how to perform without words, and how to think and write songs.

When I had a free day, I went to my local radio station to perform for the people who had come to listen to me.

At first, they seemed disappointed — as if they would not be able to hear me.

The song that I wrote for them was in the style of the local musicians I knew.

I also wrote lyrics for the song that I wanted them to hear while listening to it.

But, the songs that were put out weren’t good, so I had a hard time giving up the project.

In the end, when I heard the reaction that I had received from the people who had heard my music, my heart got bigger.

When I got older, I felt the same way again.

I had thought that, in my lifetime, there will probably not be another woman in this country who can learn to sing in a year.

However, the people who sang me for the first time were my grandmothers and parents.

I thought if any of those girls can follow this path, it will help them.

After I turned 21, I began teaching high school composition classes. (Editor)

The class’s teacher was a man.

He was tall and handsome, he had white hair and a blue eye.

He gave me lots of praise about the school and the teachers.

The first day of first semester, there he was at the entrance of the classroom.

He had never been the one to speak to me beforehand.

His expression was kind and friendly as he watched me.

I was curious about his feelings toward me after a while because he did not show any emotion.


「Welcome to the school of learning♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪」 (Dakimori Kanako)

“The more she tries to hide, the more she is revealed.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

It was recently announced that the new generation of female comic book actresses like Kate Beaton

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