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Yes. I’m a teacher; I have a degree in musical theatre. I learned to read and write and sing in the same way that most teachers learn. I have a few good friends who are singers. They have sung for me, and they did it for a long time.

You didn’t go to music school?

I was a little bit of a rebel because I didn’t go to music school as I thought they were wasting time. I was always trying to be better at my business than these kids were. But they still get to spend their time learning how to sing and play music and write. It’s very stimulating to me.

Which part of Canada do you visit?

I love Ontario. I love the people! I’m a huge fan of Ontario music. I grew up there and grew up in this area. I think they’ve got the best music in the world; and I like to sing. My family goes to Niagara Falls; so I love going out there every once in a while.

Have you seen your home country, France?

I’ve seen my family in France; I have a French girlfriend. I have a great friendship with Olivier Messiaen, the composer who wrote the music to “Les Miserables.” We have a lot in common, so I love hearing the music and the stories that were told and the songs.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Boeing has been testing a new, next-generation unmanned drone as an offshoot of its “Commercial Crew” effort that, so far, hasn’t been able to get off the ground.

The new drone, the X-47B, is a hybrid, single-seat craft that can both carry and operate crewed spacecraft, similar to Boeing’s X-31 drone, though larger in overall scope. Instead of a wing, the X-47B has a sleek, hexagonal profile that looks like a hybrid of the Lockheed Martin-designed B-52 and Boeing X-33 military transports.

“We have been working very hard for the last couple of years on a fully autonomous commercial unmanned system,” Brian Moser, director of program planning and program management for X-47B, told Spaceflight Now back in 2014. “We’ve had some technical challenges,” but “we’re very confident we can get there.”

“We’re very happy with

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