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Yes. It is a more common trait among asexual males than females and probably does not have to do with how you look.

The New York Times ran an anonymous attack on the “white nationalism” movement Saturday.

One of those quoted is Gavin McInnes, but the piece also includes others, which is odd because the left is the only movement in the world that has been attacked, not the white nationalist group which is one of many, not the other side which has been more openly and aggressively criticized.

One of those named in the article is Paul Joseph Watson, former editor for InfoWars and the editor-in-chief of the conspiracy-minded website Infowars.

Watson, who identifies himself as a “reformed political conservative” and wrote a book titled Trump: The Art Of The Comeback, said he didn’t think any media outlet would dare run an article that he agreed was insulting to all whites.

“To try and find out who is really behind all of this, and who is behind Breitbart, is so offensive, I think you can see how dangerous it is. And the white supremacist movement, I think, is really doing a lot better in this election than in the past.”

Watson claims people are “very afraid of white nationalism,” which he thinks is being driven by fake websites.

“Most white nationalists don’t want to be associated with Milo Yiannopoulos, who has very clearly gotten very unpopular within the Alt-Right,” Watson said. “It’s very difficult to separate the Alt-Right from that.”

Some websites accused of hosting “trolls” in the past have denied the accusation. The Washington Post said it wouldn’t run the article “because it is not true.”

Watson’s criticism of the “alt-right” and “misinformation” about him isn’t new though.

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In July, Watson called Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow “fascist” over the site’s decision to remove support for Trump.

Watson said that, as an alternative, he believes the alt-right could be more like the “alt-left.”

He said his movement is “pro-family” while the alt-left is “openly racist.”

The former New Jersey Governor turned Trump critic is one of two people to have signed a letter asking Trump to disavow the KKK and white nationalists on the same day.

The New York Times is

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