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If you want to make your voice sound healthy and confident, here’s what you need to do:

Keep your voice clean and healthy by avoiding over-drying (which can cause vocal damage as well as inflammation).

Don’t make use of overblown, loud, high-pitched sounds. Loud, over-the-top, “loud” speech is usually the result of high-volume use.

Use lower and more realistic tones for your most used tones–the ones you use all the time when you speak to be a lot of fun, instead of the same kind of high-pitched tone you use in everyday life.

Get over the concept that “loudness” of a song has anything to do with quality. It’s not.

It’s just your way of thinking.

If you’re worried that your voice sounds better if you make it louder, I’d encourage you to look at these examples in the following video.

I’ve included the same vocal tone samples, but the samples are taken from different songs to show which “loudness” changes and which “quality” changes you need to make when you use them for your singing.

So just don’t make the mistake of making the same kind of changes you make while you’re using a high-volume recording device like a mic.
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What about singing high notes?

So you’re worried that your vocals aren’t getting the proper volume when you sing at the top of notes?

In this post , you’re about to hear two examples of vocal use which are high notes, which are much higher in pitch than the vocals are at their lower notes.

This is also because of the way how our brain perceives a note.

When we’re in a deep state of concentration, we tend to think back to our life experiences and apply what they give us to our singing.

But the fact is that the way our brain makes sense of tones is different.

When we’re singing a high note (i.e. the G in the first example) our brain is perceiving those notes at a different frequency, i.e. higher in pitch.

If you’re feeling that all you have to do is go lower and lower on each note, then this is just not going to be the voice for you .

So, in the example here (a voice sample), I use a vocal pattern with a really low

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