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Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has been one of the most outspoken figures about the lack of young talent in his league. It was hard to miss the implication when he publicly called the NFL players’ protests over the past several weeks an “intolerable distraction” during an appearance on CBS Sports Radio this week, and after the Browns signed wide receiver Josh Gordon to a three-year, $33 million deal, it seemed like even more of his commentary was being directed at the league than when he was the general manager of the team.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding the Gordon signing, most of them not related directly to the player. The big issue: When did the Browns have any knowledge about the transaction? Is it a breach of contract between Gordon and the team? Is it an indication that the team does not want him back? Why did the Browns wait so many hours to announce it? Was there any indication that Gordon’s signing was made by other teams?

Some of the questions are complicated by the fact that Gordon and his agent, Jeff Stone, have both asserted that he has no interest in returning to the team that drafted him. But that does not mean he does, and there are still questions about what Stone is being paid, how much he has already signed, and what the financial implications of not signing Gordon for such a long time might be. (The only way for Gordon to sign a deal under the franchise-tag is to return to the Browns for a minimum of three years.) That question has been a hot topic of discussion since the Gordon signing and was one of the biggest storylines in Monday’s Cleveland media guide, but the Browns also have been busy trying to find out about the situation.

A few things are clear from the league’s rules on free agency, though. First and foremost, if teams had concerns about the financial potential of signing one of the league’s best wide receivers to a long-term deal before the signing of Gordon, they do not need to come right out and publicly say that. In fact, the owners have every right to speak in private and privately.

So here’s where things get tricky: The Browns cannot officially release Gordon without first receiving a formal release from the player and that would require an owner’s approval. The fact that Gordon’s agent had the right to withdraw the release should be a little bit troubling to anyone considering such a release, especially since a team cannot formally sign any

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