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To be a singer one must have good timing, good vocal harmony and a good understanding of music theory. Many piano or guitar players have this trait and it will serve them well for many years. When you have good timing, harmony and music theory you will be singing in front of thousands, if not millions of people, singing a lot of beautiful melodies.

Don’t get me wrong though. The most beautiful songs are the most difficult songs to sing, they are a lot of trouble to learn but once they are learnt they are easy to sing or read.

How do you read music?
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Learning to read music isn’t difficult, and many pianists and guitarists read music but not in the way you would think. If you were asked to tell a story about playing piano or guitar you might be surprised to hear that you can read musical notation, you can make up a melody or you may even be able to sing, but in no way can you play music from the notation. When you play music by heart from the notation, it does not mean you played it that way or that you can read the notation, for you must remember that there are many differences between the notation and the way you normally play the music, as explained in this article. If you could play music from the notes on the keyboard and sing from the melody, it would be much easier to sing a beautiful melody without having to learn how to read music.

How do you learn music theory?

Music theory is a lot like maths, to study music theory you need to use a calculator, and when you are studying music theory you need to learn more. Learning music theory doesn’t have to be a big time commitment but it is a very good investment because it will help you when you are in the band and it will help you when you start your band, and when you have your own solo project or solo band.

Musician’s are very curious and you will learn how to play music from someone as if they are your teacher. Some musicians get a good teacher for their art while others are lucky enough to get someone really good. Music theory can make your playing seem a lot more polished, but don’t despair your learning will not take you too far; a good teacher who has good music knowledge is very important to get good practice sessions and a good ear to listen to everything.

Why do you need a teacher?

If you want to be a musician you need to have a teacher so that you

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