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A: No, my singing voice. It’s like a beautiful sound, it’s like a soft voice, and it’s like when you’re going to play a ball game or a show or a radio station at the opera. There’s a certain way that you feel when you go into the orchestra. When you play an instrument and that way is used, you feel like you’re in a beautiful concert hall in which there never was anything going on. I used to do that a lot. And if I want to go to a place, I used to be like, “I’m leaving now, and you’ve been with me a long time, but you’re a bad person, and you know it!”

And that’s how I see the human condition.

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“This is a very small minority, but we can make our own world,” said Dylann Roof, the suspected killer of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina, on Thursday. “We want to take all of our guns and we don’t want those damn liberals who take away our hunting rifles. We want God’s people to take back our nation. We’re the New England Patriots. Nobody can take that away from us.”

In other words, if you’re inclined toward conspiracy theories about the supposed influence of liberals, look no further than Roof’s Twitter feed, which is littered with his own interpretations of the news media’s coverage of his crime. He also goes on to explain his conspiracy theory regarding why his “buddy” shot six to seven unarmed black men during a Bible study.

“So, it was a Sunday evening, and this guy had just been released from prison for murder in another state. There were no drugs, no nothing. If my buddy had told me I was going to take care of this nigga’s problem at midnight, then I would have walked out and got my gun,” Roof tweeted. “But there was no time for that because my buddy said ‘I’m leaving, go ahead and get in the car, I’ll wait outside.'”

The post was quickly deleted and Roof deleted two posts shortly afterward. (Update: Roof replied to our request for comment with a “We’re moving forward, we’re not backing down!” Tweet, but has since updated the original post to include a link to the original image.) His tweet also has the comment “If I had

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