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Voice changers are a quick-fix device, which means that once activated, you may want to turn it off and back on again to see whether the change works. If that doesn’t work, make sure you’re using a safe and non-sensitive device.

How do I control the voice changer?

The voiceset can be set to automatically switch on for you and will keep changing if it senses that you’re away from the control console. You can control it from the control console by pressing the voice changer icon in the top right. Once it’s activated, turning it off and on will continue to update your voice, and you may have to change channels on your devices in order to ensure that nothing else is playing when you start your phone home. You can change your settings via the Settings menu if you’d like (you may need to check the voice changer icon).

How can I check the voice changer?

If you have an older version of a handset you don’t remember having a voice changer for at home, it may not currently be activated and you may need to search for instructions on how to activate it.

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This is a syllabus for a class, intended primarily for the school curriculum. Many of the lessons plan diagrams are simplified for easy reference, and many diagrams will be covered in more detail in the student workbook.

This syllabus specifically covers Tactical Space Station Command, because that class is the class most often taught by TAC instructors at the school and because that is where we first began exploring the possibilities for multi-class Starship Mastery. We’ve written a short introductory article, and will provide more class information over the coming weeks.

This syllabus was last updated for the UEE School of Advanced Study curriculum for Season 8.1, released 12 June 2015.

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