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3 (2 x 30) How long do you have to sit in one spot for? 30 seconds (30 min. per hour). Who made this one? Mike, from a small music shop in Los Angeles and owner of a small music studio in New York City. I was one of many musicians and recording artists who submitted an extensive amount of music. There will always be a limited amount of music that will be in the final product.

Are you ready to create some music?

I can barely contain the joy of this! I have been wanting to get this for a bit. I have been eyeing it in that it’s a fantastic size. It is a bit of a long one at around 1.6in, so it is a tad hard to carry around, but it holds the tablet really well. I was surprised at how light this feels, at 2.2oz, and how thin it is. I don’t think I could have possibly handled more. The display is a little grainy, but I think it’s just the lens. I use my Nexus 6 as my reading computer, and have been using this along with the screen protector from the Adorama’s store. I’ve had no problems. The battery is a good size, having a charge that takes about 1hr 30min if I was using it as a phone, 2 hours of screen on time at work, and I’m running Android O out of the box. I’m currently using Android 8.0 out of the box.

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“We are not going to fight with them (Palestinians),” said the senior security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

A similar situation prevailed on Aug. 4 in the Gaza Strip when Israeli troops opened fire on a Palestinian car after the driver opened fire at soldiers, the military said. None of the soldiers were injured.

“We are not going to get up any stone-throwing rallies, we are afraid they will attack us,” said the senior security official.

He added that the Israeli military in the area had a lot of experience in dealing with protests by Palestinians, whose main demand for years has been an end to their suffering in Gaza, which is also the occupied West Bank.

The senior officer stressed that in any such confrontation “you either do something or you don’t.”

After three years of relative quiet, residents of the Gaza Strip woke Saturday to

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