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A contralto voice is very common, as all adult musicians are. There are two different forms of it, the first is to have a lower or mid-range voice or baritone (that is, speaking like a lower than normal voice). This form, which is referred to as the “low” form, typically starts when a male is about 18 years old. If a boy had a normal or even a high voice, then the boy would be considered a high contralto voice or baritone (that is, speaking like a higher voice).

Another variation of a low contralto voice is called “high” contralto, because the voice begins higher than that of a lower contralto, who would be considered an low contralto. This is the opposite of a low contralto, which is low in the lower range. There are two different forms of the high conical contralto voice.

How hard is a musical voice to master?

The difficulty that beginners or even advanced contralto players have doing vocal lessons with others who have a more advanced singing voice makes it difficult and confusing for beginner vocalists, especially beginners who have already had years of vocal training and experience. To understand how difficult it can be for you to sing with others, it helps to understand how an orchestra works. A orchestra consists of singers and musicians – so to a contralto it is really like music with singers and instrumentalists.

The singers have a number of instruments (usually tubas or saxophones) to sing with and the instruments they use are usually the lower ranges of the voice. There are no singers in the orchestra with the voice of a contralto. They sing with people’s voices, a voice they have heard dozens of times.

How does a contralto voice sound?

For beginners, learning a contralto voice is challenging because they start out speaking like a low voice and then they get into the higher tones, which requires the skills and knowledge of a good baritone. Many beginners are frustrated because they think that because they are beginning the solo voice that anything they say must sound like music. It’s very important, however, to understand that you don’t have to sound like a lower voice to sing your way into the high range because the higher range can also be singing through a combination of the contralto and baritone. There are many voices, some with the contralto voice and some without.


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