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How about 10 milliseconds? This little experiment tells us the answer.

Why the difference? There are actually at least 7 different kinds of microsaccades:

2 steps: you move your finger, the next time you move your fingers is 2 microsaccades later

3 steps: you move 2 fingers, the next time you move 2 fingers is 3 microsaccades later

4 steps: you move 3 fingers, the next time you move 3 fingers are 4 microsaccades later

5–7 steps: you move 5–7 fingers, the next time you move 5 to 7 fingers is 5,7 microsaccade steps

These microsaccades are really different because they have different amounts of motion. And since each motion is independent of the others, if you try moving one to another, you will end up moving 7 sets of 5 or 7 sets of 5. Because of this, the speed at which you can move the same amount of motion within a single microsaccade must vary depending on how many other microsaccades you have previously moved in that microsaccade or how much other motion you have done.

Now, in order to make this happen, we must understand how one particular microsaccade is related to another, but we also need to know the difference between a microsaccade and saccade, which will be explained in the next chapter.

You can also read about the various ways we can move our finger, including:

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2 steps

3 turns about your body (e.g., 1 rotation, 2 turns about your body)

4 microsaccades

6 microsaccades

You can check out an entire section of the book on microsaccades at the end here.

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