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A half step is equal to 1/2 of a semitone, so if you’re playing “One by One” on the fifth string you could use a half step with “One by One”. Similarly, you could play “One by One” on the first three strings and then play “One by One” on the fourth string.

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Some more advanced techniques

Some of the most basic ideas in stringed instrument making can be applied to other stringed instruments. With a few techniques you could add a whole new dimension to the sound.

There are two basic shapes that you can create when you add a vibrato or slide. They are called “Curl” and “Sturl” — you’ll see both of these in action in the video below:

The basic idea of these chords is to play the root (the “1” in root) and the root (the “3”-note) chords simultaneously.

When using this type of movement, it’s important to have your finger tips up to the strings as the movement progresses. As soon as the second string vibrates and you’ve reached the root, play the “root” chord again.

Here are two examples where you can play these two chords both together:

Notice in both examples the initial “C” played above the “C”-string (B) and again on the “A”-string. These chords are actually played by the same finger on each string. When you add a vibrato you only make the first finger move by the same amount. By making both of these changes you’ll have a totally new and interesting technique.

Some more advanced techniques

Some of the more advanced techniques for strumming strings include string “sine” waves. These are played in order or over a chord that you want to play with a vibrato.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to do that with strings:

Here’s another simple way to play string sine waves:

Another great way you can use strings is to use them to create some new sounds with your voice. You may find it helpful to listen to some of the songs on this guide and practice your voice along with them.

Learn about how to perform different styles of playing and learn how to improvise in any style of playing

Learn some new vocal technique tips like vocalizing over a chord

Learn some new vocal technique tips like voicing from the bottom (or top, or ”

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