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I didn’t think so. I sing very often. It happens to me on airplanes. I sing on the plane every hour, every minute of every flight. All kinds—a lot of American folk songs and traditional songs from Europe and even South America. But I prefer not to sing when I fly. It can be very distracting sometimes. But the beauty of singing is that you can get lost in it, which then becomes the thing that makes the music so powerful [laughs].

When you listen to a song today, do you find any difference from when you first heard it and when you wrote it?

There is no difference. It makes me happy to go back to my younger days. I am a songwriter myself: I wrote music all my teenage years, and as I got older, the passion for songwriting returned. This time, though? This is more of a music record, with an electronic sound. I feel that sometimes I should have put more love into that. Maybe it could have been better used when I wrote it in 2003, like when I just wrote that song about the sky? But that was an early version that I really liked.

What do you find interesting about being a songwriter?

I think it is a very creative job. You get a chance to take something from the world and make something of it, something with meaning. It is very fulfilling. I believe that there is something about songs, and what people think and feel about them and the way that they make people remember them. I think that songs form the basis for a relationship between people. And people have a great relationship with a song. It’s very different from the relationship we share with photographs.
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So it is a very different relationship.

Of course, with the photographs, you have a story on the line. People often talk about photographs and ask what it is that makes it so good or so special. I don’t know. Maybe they get a certain kind of relationship with the photograph.

Do you think your music has any meaning?

I feel like every song speaks to a certain emotion: love, pain, happiness, something that could fill the night. I think that music is an important tool to help people to feel, to take part in something. Maybe not the song itself, but the way it is interpreted and reacted to might be the most important thing.

Tell me about the next album. It’s been a while.

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