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“Everyday life is not bad. I don’t think people know this, but everyone says this is so,” Mr. De La Garza said. “I’m sure that the truth is different for every person. You do what you gotta do to survive.”

His last stop, Mr. De La Garza said, was a small church in San Jose, a place he had frequented for much of his life. Mr. De La Garza is not a Christian.

After that, Mr. De La Garza said, he traveled to his home in the suburbs, where he lives with his wife and their two children, where he said he would watch the sunset. And he would talk about what he is doing instead of what he wants to do, about his family and his business. He told me he had the luxury — his two children, who are just four and two, have yet to discover any world outside their home since he left. In other words, life in the suburbs is just as challenging as life here in Mexico.

Mr. De La Garza’s life began in 1968, when his father died. His mother and sisters were all married and raising their own children. But his father wanted to be more of an entrepreneur. So Mr. De La Garza’s father brought Mr. La Garza and his brother, a friend and classmate, to be his business partners in building a clothing business. In return, Mr. La Garza would take on various jobs.

One afternoon, Mr. La Garza’s partner told him to go get a cigarette. Mr. De La Garza did, carrying two bags. He said he had a plan.

Mr. De La Garza walked home. The family was on the street. He opened the back door and let in the wind. He was in such a rush to run the shop that he nearly fell. As he stood up again, the family was laughing in the alley in front of his store.

Mr. De La Garza’s mother and sister came running back to see if they could help him. She found a neighbor with a cigarette box and gave him a lighter. He opened the box and lit the cigarettes, then went back inside. Mr. De La Garza then told his sister what he was going to do. He had just purchased a boat and was getting ready to get his wife and children. To get his family out, he was thinking about renting

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