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According to the Shafi’i opinion, singing is one of the five pillars of worship. The Shafi’i view is that singing is obligatory on men and women in general.

As for the Muslim woman singing in public, the Shafi’i opinion is that she must stay under the cover of any sort of veil whether a dress or any sort of covering as long as the veil is not made of cloths, or a man is present who knows the proper way to cover her.

And as for the man who sings at home in public, the Shafi’is say that there is nothing wrong if he does so.

Ibn Taymiyyah’s Views: The Shafi’i position regarding singing in public is as stated above. And on the other extreme, his position regarding men singing is as stated above.

And Allah Knows Best


Checked & Approved by The Hanafi Research Foundation

Based on the Translation by Abul Ala Maududi

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Ibn Taymiyyah (Tafseer Ibn ‘Uthaymeen)

Book: Qur’an (Surah al Kabeer)

Part: 4: Surah al Kabeer Chapter (Quran 4:18)

The Text: Sahih Bukhari Book #68: Book #66, Number 532


Qur’an – Surah al Kabeer Chapter 4:18

Translated by Uthman Badawi

Volume 1, page #41

Quran 4:18

“Allah has revealed: “All praise is due on the Messenger (Muhammad) (S) who has taken guidance from his Lord.” The meaning is that one’s Lord, who has given the guidance, is All-Mighty, All-Wise; He is All-Wise to bestow His guidance upon whoever He wills.

So, all praise is due on the Messenger (Muhammad) (S). His guidance is from the Lord of the worlds. That is the statement of the one on whom is bestowed the guidance

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