Is it hard to learn to sing? – El Perdon Nicky Jam How To Learn Singing Nepali Song Lyrics

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A. Very much! It is difficult, especially when you first arrive here for the first time. It takes time to get used to the language, and you need to learn new songs each day to keep up with the new singing material. When you are in a singing group with other new Chinese nationals, each of you has to learn two-seater seats, so you need to learn two songs each day.

Q. You are part of this group, what do you do at night?

A. Each group member goes into her bedroom and sings one set of songs on her own. Sometimes, two groups sit on the sofa together, singing a very basic set of songs. They use different instruments and we also sing to each other. Sometimes, as a last resort, we sing to our own songs.

Q. Have you heard anyone singing your songs before?

A. I used to go to school for music, so I knew how to sing. But when I came here, I wanted to have freedom. I went out in public because of my fear of being harassed in the countryside. There were no other Chinese in Hong Kong, so I couldn’t enjoy the same freedom as other Chinese do, so I left school. However, I’m hoping that my songs will attract another Chinese to Hong Kong. I hope that others who don’t have much music love our music. Some people may not even have heard of me, and that is something I am hoping for.

Q. Did you have any problems playing or performing in concerts in Hong Kong?

A. I did some concerts here because of my friends, but I haven’t had any big hits yet.

Q. In what songs are you most successful?

A. Usually my songs are very good. One of my songs has been on a lot of songs because we sing more to be together.

Q. Your most famous song is “Punch Drunkard,” which did well on “Asia’s Cup,” is this because of you?

A. I think it was because of us that it was done well.
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Q. Did you feel the success?

A. It was very important.

Q. Now you speak, how do you feel?

A. I’m quite happy, so glad.

Q. What do you have to say to Hongkongers who say the Chinese don’t sing well?

A. I don’t care

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