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“It’s hard for me because my voice has not been exposed to the music with the same energy I used to have before. It has been so long and I’ve been going to the performances with a lot of distance and I just didn’t have the right energy. The singing is so quiet. That makes it very difficult, but in this sense I’m grateful for the gift of sound.”

What does your favorite thing about singing, or how you’ve grown as a performer?

“I like the power of sound in my voice and the emotion. I really admire people who have the right amount of energy in their singing. I really think that’s the essence of it. I’ve seen other singers who aren’t as good at it as I am, but they have the right amount of energy and then they sing. And it’s almost like the voice is a part of the performance rather than a separate thing. It’s like the power behind the performance. I like that. It’s a part of the work. My love for performance.”

What’s a song you’ve written that you think might be in your future career?

“I like “You’re All I Have” by J. Cole and it’s really powerful and moving and has a really great song in it.”

You did an appearance with a hip-hop group at the recent Coachella Music and Arts Festival?

“I went to Coachella. It was actually an early one for me, actually.”

You wrote a song called “Fantasy” and it got so many good reviews and so many good mentions it seems to be one of the most used singles on iTunes.
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“Yeah, that song is just so cool. I wrote it with a guy who used to do jazz music and stuff like that and I really liked it and then we decided to get some songs together. It’s been great.”

How did you feel when it leaked a very large amount of negative views on iTunes?

“Well it’s just that sometimes that’s what happens when a song goes viral. It’s been around for a long time, but it was really shocking when it came out and it’s really kind of upsetting because my favorite song ever was written by someone who has my voice and that’s really something that I’m very grateful for.”

What’s your favorite record of all time?

“Oh, I’ll choose the new Nirvana record. It’s great. They’re

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