Is it hard to learn to sing? – How To Start Singing Career

August 11, 2020 0 Comments

Yes I do think there is always a learning curve but it definitely takes more time with a beginner like me as this is my first real experience with it. There is so many songs to explore so many places in their repertoire. I have no doubt, once they are comfortable with this one-octave, 4 bar, 5 bar, 6 bar, 7 bar, 8 bar, 9 bar, 10 bar, 11 bar, 12 bar, 13 bar, 14 bar, 15 bar, 16 bar, 17 bar, 18 bar, and 19 bar, they will continue to sing it more often and explore other songs.

As for teaching, I like having a partner to play around with. It can be fun at times but that just means I’m in the background, watching the fun go on. That said, I’ve found it to be a very helpful instrument during rehearsals, and during one of my sessions I was very impressed with the amount of progress those 2 young gentlemen made. There are probably a great many more beginner songwriters out there but I think this one is so easy in both range and ability to sing that it is worth the journey, especially if you like singing and have fun doing it!

How long does it take to learn it?

Once they are comfortable singing the melody and learning to play along it gets a whole lot easier. And, at that point, it just takes practice to develop those skills.

What is your favorite part about playing it?

If you love singing, you will be very lucky to be able to listen to this one in your car and make that lovely little jingle!

When is it appropriate for a beginner to sing your song?

I would say it is very suitable for beginners but I think one of the best parts of learning to sing all those songs is that they are only for beginner’s and really aren’t suitable for the most serious beginner’s. It really takes them away and makes them happy when they realize their singing has progressed so much!

If you’re an aspiring singer out there, you should check out this little-known, fun-to-listen, and very easy-to-sing song I recorded for my YouTube video at the bottom of the page. It is a perfect exercise in all 3 key-pairs.
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