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Although he has already received a number of awards for his work, Sing has always tried to avoid publicity.

But last month his father, Mr Li, revealed for the first time how long his son had been singing a form of Cantonese. He said Mr Ji was first inspired to sing a musical before he was born.

Mr Li said: “He had studied on his family’s land before. He was very good. Then his parents encouraged him to go back and study in Korea and sing there.”

The musical was called “Singin’ Home Song”, and was created by Mr Ji’s friend, Mr Su Hsu.

Mr Ji made his debut at the start of this year, along with five other Sing members, after being chosen to form the group with four other boys, all under 17.

The songs were performed by three different singers. They were a rendition of a traditional Cantonese hymn, “Ding Song Sing”, and songs inspired by Chinese folktales, “Shen Nga Wai (Sing When The Moon is Full)”, and “Shen Yi Ling (Song of a Woman in Love),” and “Yung Han Sung.

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“I was so nervous when they gave me the job, I could hardly stand up. What was the point? We are not famous, we sing in a small room. We just have to sing a few songs.”

Mr Li said the group had been receiving great feedback about the music on Sing’s website.

He said: “Shen Yi Ling has a very clear sound and was like a natural thing. Singin’ Home Song has less than 80 hits on iTunes. The first song, where the first verse and chorus of Cantonese music were sung, has been on the ‘most recommended’ list for almost a month.”

Although they will be singing in local dialect, Mr Ji said in a radio interview that they were not trying to be Chinese music “like a Chinese singer”, and were more trying to “make people feel more at home and make them feel proud to be Singaporeans. We want to make people feel proud to be Singaporeans, but without being Chinese.”

“Sing can mean many things to many people,” Mr Li said. “For some people, Sing can mean good luck, for others sing can mean luck.”

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