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Well, let’s see. I had it learned by the most famous music teacher in the world, Alanis Morissette. And I have to admit, it was a revelation. She used to come in in the morning and do some stuff in the house in the afternoon — to her, I might add — and sing in the shower. I mean, I can’t really sing in a shower, but I was amazed. Singing like I never had before, but that was a very different singing experience. Singing was not about taking off the hat. Singing was all about how you moved your hand through the air and the rhythm. At that time, it was all about the footwork and rhythm. So it was more about being free and having to be there instead of being forced. And it was so much more beautiful, too.

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You were also a great improviser, and that was certainly evident in your first solo album, How to Disappear Completely. How did you arrive at this formative album and, therefore, how did you become a songwriter?

I think there were four factors that I needed to have going for me. Of course it was the fact that I knew that the songwriting experience would be different from an album. I was the one who would be doing a solo. Then it was the songwriting process itself; the learning and the making in the studio were two very different things, that I learned about in studio. But the other thing was the writing process, I guess. I found that I needed to do it more. The writing itself was kind of liberating, but the recording process was not as liberating as I was anticipating. And then, finally, all these little things, that I had learned, and had a lot of fun with in the process of recording, that came out of doing it differently, and seeing what I was singing about — like in How To Disappear Completely I had so many really interesting, interesting lyrics — all of that was a good thing. So that’s why I thought, “Wow, these are a really beautiful things to be singing about! What else should I be doing all the time?” [Laughs.]

Speaking of How To Disappear Completely, this is the most anticipated release of your career thus far; you mentioned this at the beginning of your interview with GQ. How did you feel about that at the time?

I thought I was going to have a long career. I had this great desire to be

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