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November 15, 2020 0 Comments

A survey that asked a question about the size of cricket pitches. Is women’s cricket pitch smaller? A survey that asked a question about the size of cricket pitches.
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This is the second time the same newspaper has published a story about pitches in one of India’s major cities. Both the 2014 paper and the 2015 issue of The Times of India had reported that Mumbai’s women’s cricket pitch was around 3m by 2m.

The new version of the story says the ground is at least 60cm by 80cm in area and it “is about as big as the pitch used in the Women’s World Cup final in 2001”. The paper has also suggested a more conservative estimate of an average height of 1.30m for cricket fields at women’s cricket grounds because women’s cricketers play shorter than men.

The story, however, also mentions the presence of artificial pitches for women’s basketball and lacrosse matches that have been in play in recent years, an option not available to men’s cricket players.

“Mumbai is one of the fastest growing sports hubs in India, with growing numbers of people interested in athletics and playing sports such as tennis, hockey and shooting sports,” the report says.

“With women’s cricket fast making forays into the professional game in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, it is important that their pitches and facilities in the field meet the needs of players.”

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I’ve been playing this for a while now and it’s pretty fun and unique (although there are still things I’m wondering about about the rules). This is a one of a kind deck that’s good against almost every matchup in the game except Forwards. This deck has a pretty low mana curve and no expensive cards, but most of that is because of how much it relies on the interaction of some of these cards like Shatterglass Mage, Mana Wyrm, and Flamewreathed Faceless. If you think about your deck as a bunch of creatures that can either attack, or defend, the deck will be extremely fast and aggressive.

What decks are easy for this deck to beat? Well, if all creatures go face and the opponent doesn’t have any cheap answers in their deck (and they mostly don’t – so anything that can stop that kind of attack is pretty strong), then it’s the deck that you want to play.

I think that this deck can easily take down any meta deck that can run a lot of burn

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