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October 12, 2020 0 Comments

It is no debate on these two teams’ respective merits. With the help of the WCL and the Indian cricketing establishment, it is difficult to imagine how their men’s match would have transpired with a female captain. But if it did, the score would almost surely have been changed. Women’s cricket has also been slow to evolve. In the last decade-and-a-half, even Indian women’s cricket has seen the introduction of wickets and batsmen to the game.

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Bettis & Ananta Kumar (right): the women’s wicketkeepers in the Indian team. Courtesy: PTI

A few years back, when the Chennai Super Kings approached us with a proposal that the franchise want to have a women’s team, we said, “Not now, the women’s game is dying”. But now, a team called Delhi Dynamos is taking an interest in the sport. They have recently come out with a woman’s team of their own, with one Indian woman’s cricketer, Ananta Kumar. I understand the reasons being given for Delhi Dynamos’ formation of a women’s team. At an event for the club, the founder of the club, Srikanth Senthilkumar, was asked about bringing women into the game, particularly with the Indian Women’s team. His answer: “We do not think it is necessary for women playing in the Indian team.” In this context of the absence of gender equity in the ICC Cricket world rankings, it is hard to understand why we do not even consider the idea.

To be honest, it is a moot point with the ICC since the World Cricket League, which is organised by the ICC, is not a gender neutral entity. It is a male dominated league that is dominated by Australian cricket and the teams tend to be all of a similar age bracket — men over 30. It is not surprising, therefore, that Indian women’s cricket is relegated to a “second tier” in the ICC rankings. The lack of access and opportunities for Indian women’s cricket is also a matter of concern.

I am a proponent of inclusion, but it is not the job of the Indian women’s cricket team to take initiative for gender equality. So in the future, we must be careful in our handling of the situation.

To conclude, I do not think a women’s women’s national team should be formed, and we need to be vigilant to ensure that the women’s teams are not just competing in the male dominated league. While it

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