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In the audio-only section of Amazon’s website, it says that the voice on Amazon Echo is made by the voice of the Amazon Echo speaker. But, what if I say to Alexa:

“Alexa, ask Alexa to play all of the songs on my Pandora Radio account”

I’m sure Alexa will play all of the songs without any problem. But a voice service that is used to be available only in the Echo, like Siri, would have a bit more difficulty. Alexa in the UK has a voice service that’s called Alexa Now. And, it works a bit like Spotify does. I guess Alexa Now does, but we’re not quite sure what the differences are between the two. As for Spotify, its voice service is just like Siri. It’s not available for the Echo, and therefore it’s not as widely used on the Echo, the UK’s version of Amazon Echo.

When Amazon announced the launch of voice search, you had to have that special Prime membership to get access to Alexa Now. But, you can now add Alexa Now to your Prime membership, too. This is a service that, as the name implies, will give you access to voice search and other features when you’re a Prime member. You’ll also be able to use Alexa Now to search for things on the Alexa app for iOS or Android.

Will you find more information on the voice services of Amazon Echo on their website?

Alexa, ask Alexa to play all of the songs on my Pandora Radio account
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Like in the United States, you can now search for things with Alexa on the Amazon website. However, because it’s been introduced only to the UK, you won’t find any information about Alexa Now on the Amazon website. This is a great service because it works on a range of devices, whereas Siri does not. Amazon Echo won’t know what you’re searching for, but it might remember your past searches with its voice.

It’s really like a Google Now, but with Alexa on, it’s also very useful. So, you don’t need to look up things, you can ask your Alexa to do anything that you want—like play all the songs on your Pandora account. So, it’s a really useful service. You can ask Alexa to search for things and, for example, ask it to play all the songs on your Apple iPhone. Siri, when you ask it any specific question, or you just type a keyword, it will search for the words

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