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Will you fall over the edge or the roof?

Can you get out by yourself with a single rope?

Can you get out under bridges?

Can you get out in the rain?

Will you end up dead?

Can you climb over the railing?

Will you go to jail?

Can you climb a bridge?

Will you get wet and die?

Will you get stuck and drown?

Is climbing any different?

Answer 2:

You have a very large and very accurate sense of direction. If you know for sure, it will be easy, but it can also be difficult in many cases.

Is climbing as dangerous as walking?

Answer 3:

Yes, you must be aware of the danger you are in. You need to check the situation every now and then and ask yourself:

Is it safe?

Is it easy and comfortable?

Is the cliff safe to climb?

Is the top, the bottom, the top of the wall?

Answer 4:

Yes, you need to make sure that everything is safe. If you are not sure about it, leave the place immediately.

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Is there any danger?

Answer 5:

If you are in your home, you should make sure that you are safe and comfortable. Even if it’s a simple trip on the sidewalk, you should be careful because a fall can be deadly.

Is the cliff safe?

Answer 6:

Is there danger of falling?

Answer 7:

If you climb without safety equipment, you have the same danger as if you were walking across the street with no equipment. You are likely to suffer a serious injury. Even if your equipment is not required by the place you are climbing, you should at least secure the rope or other safety devices (if there is one).

Question 8 :

Can you do this while drunk?

Answer 9:

Yes, you can do this with alcohol, but you need a lot of courage. Even if you have no idea about the risk involved, you must be ready to take a very significant risk if you go out with too much alcohol in you.

Do I need a guide?

Answer 10:

No, you don’t need a guide. If you don’t have many friends, it makes sense to get a local guide, especially if you

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