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Hearing the difference in the singing styles of the groups and the performers is like hearing the difference between a musical actor using a different instrument. These differences are called the “singing patterns”, which is how the performers distinguish the parts and sounds. As a concertgoer, you won’t see any singing patterns between the groups; however, you do see the differences between performers.

Singing patterns

Although you don’t always hear a difference between performances, you’ll see differences. I’m not going to tell you which songs to listen to and which not to listen to. This blog post isn’t about judging songs. Instead, I’ll talk about the differences between styles, the differences in the way to sing, and show you how to listen to individual songs, using a simple algorithm.

Let me give you examples of what the different singing styles sound like without any explanation or explanation of the differences. Now, how do the styles differ?


One of the reasons that Karaoke was created is to allow songwriters to sing the songs with the vocalist who sings them, without being too close to singers who are simply holding a microphone or a guitar. The singers can sing at a lower pitch as one could tell (and see) on TV:

Here are two singers: one a lower-pitched singer, and the other, a higher-pitched singer.

A “pitch” (like “low-pitch”, “medium-pitch”, or “high-pitch”) is the measure of a musical instrument’s pitch, or in this case, the pitch that is closest to a person’s voice (such as “c”, “b”, “d”, “f” or “g#”). Pitch is directly related to the pitch of an instrument (such as an oboe is pitch A):

In these 2 singers’ cases, their pitch is the same, but the one on the right has lower pitch (from a musician’s perspective, an oboe can sound “sharp” and the one on the left has lower pitch): the pitch of the lower tone is being lowered by almost ten cents (that’s why the higher-pitched voice on the lower part of the clip was much more powerful).

Let’s try it with both voices: the lower-pitched voice on the right in the clip, and the higher-pitched voice on the left:

While they both sound nice enough, they will sound

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