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A belt is an ancient instrument used by some European and Native American tribes that can be found almost anywhere on the planet. This ancient sound transmission belt has a unique sound that makes it difficult to reproduce by modern instruments and that’s why you still can’t.

What is the origin of words and phrases that can be heard in this belt?

The original “belt” that we heard on our first visit was made from bamboo bark. Our original “belt” was a simple piece of string and a stick as the “stick” was worn on a stick. We’ve made many other instruments over the last 17 years of recording, with many different variations and materials. Now we take inspiration from the belt and work to improve on the original to create something more fun to listen to.

When will we record the new song?

We’re recording a new song that we’ll be performing early next year.

How long does a belt last?

The most important things that you should know about a belt are:

1) We do not use glue or metal for our string belts and as an engineer I can tell with certainty that they will not last much longer than 50 to 100 years.

2) The string is used to make a sound transmission device that will be used to transmit a different sound when the belt is disconnected. You also get to put your own music on your instrument.

3) Bamboo or bamboo bark is the material that is used in these belts, it also acts as a conductor and helps keep the sound transmission device warm.

4) If you take your instrument out of the belt it will vibrate and you’ll see the sound transmission device change over your head.

These are our plans to give our audience a more interactive, unique experience of playing on this unique and fun piece of equipment.

Your support in this project will not only help us build a better belt, it will also help us get to the studio recording it. Thank you!

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