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It’s often described as a “bandana with no strings.” This is because it is usually worn over the entire left side of the head. A belt is typically used to attach a tambourine (a small, stringed, bell-like instrument) to the chin. It is also often worn as either a necklacing tool or to hold the bow.

Although you have no idea what a belt is made and what it’s used to do, you do know that a belt is not a hair band. (Hair bands are just different kinds of hairstyles of the same thing.) This is because a hair band does not have strings attached to it. A hair band, by definition, is a short hairstyle where the hair band is fastened with a knot, loop, or similar method.

Although this article is devoted to the use of belts in singing, it’s possible that other kinds of hair bands could have been the original use of the term. A few other hair bands are mentioned in other entries on this page, such as the “pumpkin” one below.

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