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August 14, 2020 0 Comments

“What is a bravado in singing,” asks an old Italian poet and writer, a man who must be a friend of some of the other famous, more famous, and more famous poets in England, and who, like Shakespeare, was the author of a collection of very little poems called Beowulf, or so he claimed. Shakespeare wrote of this, but he never wrote anything about it. It is an English tradition; and I am going to tell about it in a book which I hope will come to live long enough for people to think about it, and so be kind to it. It goes something like this: I’m a poet, no very eminent one, but a poet—I mean a writer, more or less; I have a reputation for having a good tongue in one or two places; and it was my turn to have it in the very first moment before he spoke. You see, there was this great man of the world, the great poet, whom I was to meet the same morning at my office, standing there with his head in his hands and eyes all sad, and his eyes shut. “What’s up?” “Did you see the great poet in the great place?” I said, “No.” He kept talking—it had been a little while since—and I must go away; but, said I, “I’ll tell you. The great poet met me at the office at his office in Chelsea. He wanted to tell me some things about himself, but I took no notice, and so he couldn’t tell me at all, so he said, ‘Tell me your first and last names, and your last name, and what your real name is,’ and so on, it was, that time, on a morning when I did not want to speak with a man about myself. If I’d believed him, I should have had more credence for him than the greatest poets. He was very humble and gentle, and that was it. I went away with them all to my office; and it was at my office in a very short time, very little, I know; but it was not long. I went in, did a poem, and got up, and walked away again; and he came in, and spoke to me about his book ‘the poet’s soul.’ He says, ‘I have written a number of poems on what a poet is, all my life;’ and then he starts out of the chair, and gives a very kind bow to me. I

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