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A time period is a type of event in the calendar, and it has several possible values. For short intervals, a period is a set period of time separated by a blank and a blank line (for example, a year). For long-term, the term is a complete period of time.

Does a time period represent a single event or multiple events?

Yes. A time period is a sequence of events, or events that have occurred during a time period.

For example, do you have a calendar that has 24 months? Each of the months has a separate date. So, the events that occurred during the month April are represented by the dates January and February.

In a short period of time, a single event (for example, March) occurs for each month. A long period of time (such as the time period in a calendar) has many events, that occur over a period of time (for example, for 10 years and 30 months). These events are represented by each of the dates between January and December on the respective calendars. For more information about a time period, see the section about dates and dates (about) times in Time Periods and Events.

An event that repeats is a time period that starts and ends at the same point. In such a case, the events occurred on the same day at the same time. If a recurring event is a sequence of events, for example, April 1 to June 1, then the events are represented by the dates January and June. These can be compared at any time step (such as at time step 1 or at time step 100) during the recurring event to determine which was the longest.

Note: Events that occur on the same day or at the same location (such as a single day of the same time, but on different dates) are not time periods and can therefore not be compared to a time period as a whole. See Dates and dates (about) times.

Does a time period occur at a precise or approximate time?

There is no exact date of a time on a calendar. Instead, there are precise dates of time at which different events occurred on the calendar. As a result, a different time period may appear on the same calendar page.

For example, if January 5, 2003, and April 5, 2002, occur at precisely the same time (or at the exact same dates), neither time period occurs at a precise time. Each of the events occurred at the

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