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This is a measurement of how far you can tilt your ears to catch any sound over the ear, and it’s usually defined as the distance away from the ears to the right hand side of the head. You should aim to find a spot that’s the same distance left and right as the left and right ear is, or less than 10 degrees left and right of the ear. This is called the centre of your hearing. You should have no problem listening at this distance at around half a volume level. If you’re using an earbud which plugs in to your headphone, you should have no problem listening at this point.

If you’re using a earbud that plugs in to your portable music player, you should have some difficulty hearing at this distance. Use a noise-cancelling headphone if you can get a good listening volume in headphones.

Are drop-offs and sharp drops good?

These terms have been popularized by the audiophiles. They refer to how the low frequency range of a sound diminishes or disappears, and is referred to as its “flatness”. The drop-off is a general definition but different audio professionals use a specific term. The definition for the term “sharp drop-off” is “the frequency (Hz) changes at which the signal starts to change from pure audio into noise”. The definition for “drop-off” is “the frequency (Hz) changes at which the signal loses its pure nature and becomes noise”.

For example, a drop with 10dB per octave on the “flat” side of 3kHz will sound flat, and 10dB per octave on the “drop-off” side of 16kHz will sound “sharp” (also referred to as SND). However, this sounds a little odd because if you listen to loud music with one ear plugged into your iPod and your other side plugged into a speaker, the difference will not be audible at all because the two can only go one way.

A drop on the flat side, on the other hand, can sound very sharp, and a drop on the drop-off side could sound flat to the ear in isolation, and even in combination with other sounds. If your music is played at the loudest frequency it can go, you might want to use some kind of noise cancelling headphones, for example.
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If you have trouble hearing a drop-off, it could be due to not being able to pinpoint a point where the drop begins, or

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