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August 23, 2020 0 Comments

The idea is that you have a low pitch (a little too low for a high range frequency response) in order for your headphones to not “drift”. It’s not “flat”, it’s “flat”. It’s a flat frequency response. That means, that the frequency response curve looks like this:

At 60Hz, the response is completely flat. However, there is a slight dip and it increases by 2dB at 1kHz, 4dB at 2kHz, 6dB at 4kHz and 8dB at 8kHz. By the way, in my listening tests, this dip doesn’t ever show up in the “flat” nature of the response; it is merely there on purpose in order not to “get your head twisted”.

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Here’s what drop pitch means to me:

It means that the headphones have a very different frequency response than what I would be able to hear with a very flat response (i.e., a 30Hz – 20kHz crossover and the headphone’s low frequency response is at 30Hz). This is because for someone who has ears of clay, the drop in frequency response means that they actually hear more bass and treble in a high-end headphone than if they use a flat response (if they have ears of clay that can hear the difference between 2x and 3x or 4x and 6x bass depth).

Drop-out can happen if you are trying to change the frequency response, for example, by trying to make an 800-ohm headphone a 200-ohm headphone. Drop out can happen for a really good reason: the headphone’s impedance has changed. The drop-out occurs because the headphones have changed their impedance. The impedance of a 250ohm headphone is 250ohm. The headphone’s impedance changes to 250ohm with a slight increase in ohms. This increase in ohms is because the headphone is going from 25k to 30k ohms, hence the name impedance-change. If you change the impedance of the headphone, some of the bass will get pushed out, as well as some of the treble. The headphone might sound like it has a little bass and an extra treble, but it really is an entirely different headphone without any treble.

I’m not saying that you should change the headphone’s impedance with any headphone or amp. What I am saying is when you change the headphone’s impedance the result will change its performance! Therefore, you should never go into an amp or head-unit using a subwoofer/head

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