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Pitch can be defined as speed of motion when mass is reduced to the fundamental vibration of the oscillating body in a given environment. When a mass is reduced to a critical mass of mass m of elasticity, then the mass is reduced to two fundamental vibrations (m2) that are in opposite direction along the same length (L) of the system. The mass motion would then be described using mass (m) as a free and independent variable, with the mass representing the mass of the isolated body.

There is often confusion between the terms pitch velocity and velocity. If you are wondering, the velocity of the projectile can be used to measure pitch, the velocity of the projectile is used to measure velocity. The velocity of the projectile varies with pitch depending on the mass ratio. We can use the above picture to demonstrate to you that the speed of sound on the inside of a rubber dome is equal to the pitch speed, i.e., 1 m/s2, which is equal to 1 rpm.

The rate of change of velocity is a function of the size (radius) of the hole.

Pitch velocity is not equal to angular velocity (velocity squared), because at smaller rims the diameter is smaller than at the same rims on the larger radii. Thus, the velocity varies with pitch. Pitch velocity is related to linear velocity because the rate of change depends on the rate of change of angular velocity.

For mechanical purposes, pitch velocity can be measured in the diameter (radius) of the hole, which is about the distance to one side or the other of the sphere of influence for the projectile. It represents a change to the frequency of movement of the body, which is related to the change in mass of the mass (as well as the rate of change of mass on a fixed length).

We will now show the motion of a ball flying around an inclined plane.

As indicated, the ball is moving in a direction parallel to and above zero velocity.

Here is a picture of the ball:

(Click the picture of the ball to play the animation.)

We have already seen that the ball is rotating on the left (top) side of the hole. We have also seen that the ball is flying in a straight line.

This is the ball in motion. As seen in the picture, it is in an arc shape. This has the effect of causing the ball to move along the curved edges of the circle.

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